martes, enero 29, 2008

Los Llamarada en pag noruega

"LOS LLAMARADA : The Exploding Now LP S-S Kr. 130

Sensasjonelt bra kvartett fra Monterrey I Texas, tenåringer med jente på topp, vokal, gitarer, piano og trommer. Har blitt sammenligna med Garms, Prats og Camps, men de har et mye større spekter, både forfina saker som kan minne om en ekstremt ung Parti Smith og rå deler som Lydia Lunch fikk til da hun fronta Beirut Jump eller Teenage Jesus. Sjekk dem ut på YouTube og opplev hvordan håret reiser seg over hele kroppen. Kandidat til årets debut!"

domingo, enero 13, 2008

Just the third time

for the third time
a stranger in tears
my aunt's mother
she married a man
eighteen years old
we all said he had to lie
gray hair in his temples
a christian by design
an unknown store
a taxi fleet
they hired a detective
he was my twin

my aunt's mother
she couldn't decide
stayed in her chair
had to face the world upside down
the doctor said her eyes
the doctors said they would never memorize
she just signed all
and the man got her house
i was kicked out the first day
on the second i was happy and awake

i wash my hands
i like to wash
i like

i dreamed of the taxis
i needed a plan
hunting across the backyard
a substitute for a farm
dreaming of water
dreaming of hands
wanting new ones
or a convincing alibi

i wash my hands
i like to wash
i like

and the third finally fell
a body i couldn't feel
she disappeared on a thursday evening
by sunday i moved in there
i waved goodbye to my parents
i send them presents time and again

miércoles, enero 09, 2008


Ahora el sueño fue de estar saliendo de un trabajo nocturno, caminar junto a un centro comercial en ruinas y buscar el camión adecuado. Al ser imposible, recorrer un complejo vial en la madrugada, caminando sobre jorobas e internándome en pasos a desnivel, sólo para encontrar un boleto perdido.

martes, enero 08, 2008

To be the eyes and the ears

this is your servant
calling from silence
silence talking to silence
i've seen you in the wide open spaces
i have seen you in the smallest chaos of daily routine
always outside the mirror
always waiting outside


i have a message
i'm still here
i know there is no mission
but to start again
to be the eyes and the ears
i'm still there
i keep the connection


your servant
your day - never forgotten
the end of all faith
the closing of the highways
the sinking of the night
and we'll step outside
yelling stop stop
and the river will go on

come down

and i wont wait longer
and i desire the end
my idea of freedom
my favorite friend
this is your servant
still keeping watch
darkness reaching out to darkness
extending a familiar hand
i send the message
i shout
i stumble
i fake
and i fall down

domingo, enero 06, 2008

impossible as the south

hopelessly devoted to you
happiness makes me suspect
a force like this
cannot be true
and i said you were mine

is never knowing who you are
is never being what they want

i looked in the distance
chased you on a pillow
whispers would follow
from every angle
inside the walls
wish i could say you were mine

took you hand
found myself a different face
a sudden name
to this city i say hello
to the city i say goodbye

she was impossible as the south
and we had
a electric grill, a picnic cooler, a plain bed
and a madness filled basket with a glass plate
the airlift did arrive
while the water was rising
like ten thousand years before
i found the lost in zombieland

we awoke at dawn
could skip to the end
this old scar - comes from a time
when i used to skate
in the nineties life was
just a secondary game
the sea was a distant horizon
i stood outside history
yelling stop
stop stop all your dreams are mine

lifting our hands like thunder
on a road to the sky
saw the fields curve
saw the last girl smiling in a flash

the daylight we're leaving
the sun finally sleeps on its tracks
the machinery of heaven
soon will pass

but it's not a problem
i saw it come down
some deep gray clouds
the implosion of novelty
then i got
into the car

felt it so close
i just had to lay down
and cross my arms


gotta switch the sky

jueves, enero 03, 2008

i have the promise of the light (un inicio)

i have the promise of the light
i can feel it

i have the promise of the light within me
i hope not growing

a million years of lies and murder
someone told you about times past, an ideal plan
the only thing i can say is i'm sorry

i can feel it
i can almost run with it

we can sell it
we can fake it
we can sell it
we can fake it
we can sell it
we can fake it
we can sell it
we can fake it

some go out
some just fade
i just dream of going away

martes, enero 01, 2008

Así es

Pero hoy no.
Y mañana tampoco.