domingo, enero 13, 2008

Just the third time

for the third time
a stranger in tears
my aunt's mother
she married a man
eighteen years old
we all said he had to lie
gray hair in his temples
a christian by design
an unknown store
a taxi fleet
they hired a detective
he was my twin

my aunt's mother
she couldn't decide
stayed in her chair
had to face the world upside down
the doctor said her eyes
the doctors said they would never memorize
she just signed all
and the man got her house
i was kicked out the first day
on the second i was happy and awake

i wash my hands
i like to wash
i like

i dreamed of the taxis
i needed a plan
hunting across the backyard
a substitute for a farm
dreaming of water
dreaming of hands
wanting new ones
or a convincing alibi

i wash my hands
i like to wash
i like

and the third finally fell
a body i couldn't feel
she disappeared on a thursday evening
by sunday i moved in there
i waved goodbye to my parents
i send them presents time and again