domingo, enero 06, 2008

impossible as the south

hopelessly devoted to you
happiness makes me suspect
a force like this
cannot be true
and i said you were mine

is never knowing who you are
is never being what they want

i looked in the distance
chased you on a pillow
whispers would follow
from every angle
inside the walls
wish i could say you were mine

took you hand
found myself a different face
a sudden name
to this city i say hello
to the city i say goodbye

she was impossible as the south
and we had
a electric grill, a picnic cooler, a plain bed
and a madness filled basket with a glass plate
the airlift did arrive
while the water was rising
like ten thousand years before
i found the lost in zombieland

we awoke at dawn
could skip to the end
this old scar - comes from a time
when i used to skate
in the nineties life was
just a secondary game
the sea was a distant horizon
i stood outside history
yelling stop
stop stop all your dreams are mine

lifting our hands like thunder
on a road to the sky
saw the fields curve
saw the last girl smiling in a flash

the daylight we're leaving
the sun finally sleeps on its tracks
the machinery of heaven
soon will pass

but it's not a problem
i saw it come down
some deep gray clouds
the implosion of novelty
then i got
into the car

felt it so close
i just had to lay down
and cross my arms