miércoles, diciembre 26, 2007

eat the day

in the hallways and in the grass
we plotted we lied and we loved
we discovered the nineties sun
you were silent, i was shy
rode the bus, a last embrace
the next day i was ready to forget yr face

monterrey youth
some go out
some just fade
i just think of wasting my day

found ourselves stuck on mud
met her during the dot.com boom
dreaming of a master's in spain
crossed the distance
lead the fight, it was only a summer plan
then in a dark room, we would play
secret messages in yr professional smile
push the events, ordinaire
kick you out, i like to betray
we were heard, we were heard

you call that noise?
you call that noise?

a voice from on high on my head
i had you on my sight
recognized the woollen hat
New york glasses, and you smiled
she was there all along
directing actions from her home
trembling fingers, a noodles cup
we died together in the border zone

you said run
some go out
and some just fade
i just dream against the day

and on the bridge of santa lucia
the wave machine, i tried to be
a dramatic picture, fashion dictated black
quietly singing to my cellphone
yeah singing lady sweet but thinking
of mama burger's diecisiete

and some go as far away as they can
and others stay, but never fade
their favorite table, their eternal friend
and some so awake they eat the day

i plot and lie, try to survive
we arrive at last, no words for our loved ones
late christmas shoppers, advisors murmur in our hands
a pack of bastards, we have different names
find me there, find me drifting in the air

some have fun
(she was there all along)
some never fade
(under the regio sun)
some have fun
some never fade
i just think of going away