lunes, diciembre 17, 2007

The world is derived / I predict

i foresee
i predict
the coming instability

saw you receiving foreign messages
crossed the door
dialed your name, your number
i never heard it rang
a different kind of prop

reading the favorite magazine
of those who haven't left
their parent's home
i was a flag
beware of peripheral confessions
each small truth hides a bigger liar

and i
intercepted secret calls
you were tracking down achievements
wishing away authority,
as it was just coming close to being
all the while i was holding
my own perfect memory
we'll get you into labor

i foresee
the coming instability
we should make the best of it
tension in the air
i was episodic
but i'll be prepared
i got your other name
we'll see in the morning

bulletin boards are not people
the world is divided
among those who answer chain letters
and those who have always lived for chain mail