martes, febrero 21, 2006

Toda la noche...
sin dormir. Pero ya subí fotos a Flickr! De la expedición a El Sabinal. Y de unas rockbands.

lunes, febrero 06, 2006

I was never bored.

It was the year 2 01 5 2001 5. Some people tell me we didn’t met.
But even then you were my friend in the air.

Every day, small talk, my bloody valentine
Every day, small talk, announcing a comeback
Every day, small talk, couldn’t let it start

And then we went for a long walk
Our direction - sundown
It was the year 20 15. The singularity sky. The singularity sky.

And now
The gates have opened
Pictures at arm’s length
Calling Julia Nev.
I hope you can receive this on the other side

The good old internet times, you appeared on messenger with the angles. Now days run so fast, we’re at least three months behind, feels like a lifetime. Feels like a lifetime.

Ah, sequels are always late
Someone told me you are truly a star
I’m still here under the gravity of now

There were certain signs. The indie rock combover, the angles in your profile, the special speed of slang. 2005. the death you used to bring with a smile, the evening and the red fire, when we saw another sky. 2 0 1 5. the implosion of pop novelty NOW

It was you, you start every storm with a smile
I saw you 98 I saw you 2005 under the first, the last
The singularity sky

(Julia Nev)

Ah we are nobody everywhere
Beyond the beyond beyond also
I’m so happy I’m this
And the contact
With the spiral disk

The gliders have arrived
Every day,
all things change,
even this world will be destroyed
Every day,
all things change,
sequels are always late
Every day,
all things change,
I’m still there