lunes, diciembre 31, 2007


where are you?
what's the use of everything else?
to be the eyes and the ears
to remind us all
to continue the view
i don't know how to stop

miércoles, diciembre 26, 2007

eat the day

in the hallways and in the grass
we plotted we lied and we loved
we discovered the nineties sun
you were silent, i was shy
rode the bus, a last embrace
the next day i was ready to forget yr face

monterrey youth
some go out
some just fade
i just think of wasting my day

found ourselves stuck on mud
met her during the boom
dreaming of a master's in spain
crossed the distance
lead the fight, it was only a summer plan
then in a dark room, we would play
secret messages in yr professional smile
push the events, ordinaire
kick you out, i like to betray
we were heard, we were heard

you call that noise?
you call that noise?

a voice from on high on my head
i had you on my sight
recognized the woollen hat
New york glasses, and you smiled
she was there all along
directing actions from her home
trembling fingers, a noodles cup
we died together in the border zone

you said run
some go out
and some just fade
i just dream against the day

and on the bridge of santa lucia
the wave machine, i tried to be
a dramatic picture, fashion dictated black
quietly singing to my cellphone
yeah singing lady sweet but thinking
of mama burger's diecisiete

and some go as far away as they can
and others stay, but never fade
their favorite table, their eternal friend
and some so awake they eat the day

i plot and lie, try to survive
we arrive at last, no words for our loved ones
late christmas shoppers, advisors murmur in our hands
a pack of bastards, we have different names
find me there, find me drifting in the air

some have fun
(she was there all along)
some never fade
(under the regio sun)
some have fun
some never fade
i just think of going away

lunes, diciembre 17, 2007

The world is derived / I predict

i foresee
i predict
the coming instability

saw you receiving foreign messages
crossed the door
dialed your name, your number
i never heard it rang
a different kind of prop

reading the favorite magazine
of those who haven't left
their parent's home
i was a flag
beware of peripheral confessions
each small truth hides a bigger liar

and i
intercepted secret calls
you were tracking down achievements
wishing away authority,
as it was just coming close to being
all the while i was holding
my own perfect memory
we'll get you into labor

i foresee
the coming instability
we should make the best of it
tension in the air
i was episodic
but i'll be prepared
i got your other name
we'll see in the morning

bulletin boards are not people
the world is divided
among those who answer chain letters
and those who have always lived for chain mail

miércoles, diciembre 12, 2007

The Definitive Identity

Hey kid hey girl
hey get a room
she said freedom
is never being who you are

stand with me
stand so free
stand with me
who's gonna be

never finding you
awake with me

never holding you
for the night

the first one is here
the second one escaped
this is how a chair is made

hey kid hey girl
stay where you are
forget the truth
forget about you
i'll just run
i'll just run
i'll just run

viernes, diciembre 07, 2007

A typesetting almanac

The best lie you ever told was ME
I have all of your pictures
I have all your questions
They gave me a signal
I told I told you before
The same eyes, a simple suggestion
Held on in the party, closer
Went back with your arms in my pocket
And I believe
Danger! Writer
And I believe
Danger! Writer

The rescue arcade
A cathedral I guess
A promise I kept
Lean on me - Remember
Kill them all, kill them all
Kill them all, I'm here
Kill them all, kill them all
Kill them all, I'm here
And welcome to your HOME

miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007

The Multitasking Alliance


No, no tenía la cara de la cara de la cara de la cara de la cara ni estaba en todas partes. Pero siempre cerca, siempre escondida, puedo reconocer el rostro, bienvenida seas a casa.

No, no es la excepción

La excepción es la otra. "Esto" es justo lo que permite que la otra continúe. Su papel ha sido jugado antes por muchos nombres, en este momento podemos reconocer el suyo. No sé si usted también lo haga, y ese hallazgo le sea suficiente por el momento. Pero le puedo decir que si acaso se siente mal, no se compara con aquello que siempre ha estado y que volverá a estar. Pero ya ve, qué mejor modo de no estar en el aire
que ser lanzado de nuevo hacia el suelo.

Lo que le puedo dejar es que estos golpes son muy buenos para tomar otros rumbos. Y como viene de regreso... Pero creo que ahí he roto el personaje, y le agradezco, pero algunos de nosotros jamás moriremos.

Standing on a bridge

Ahora el sueño de la guerra, tuve que entrar al cuarto de comando, creo que al final fui el encargado de rendirnos. Pero
Nunca los olvido, y la historia no termina, y conozco tus palabras, y tengo que dar gracias por todos los que están y todos los que han caído, y por todos los que fuimos nombrados, la luz que no dejaremos caer, y ya lo he dicho muchas veces, pero
yo me encargaré de ello.

lunes, diciembre 03, 2007

Christ The Follower

have you heard about
christ the follower
he said open
all your wounds
i've never seen
a deadline
i wouldn't pass
have you seen those creatures of the night?
there's a girl
standing in the dark
close your eyes
close your eyes
close your eyes
on me

have you heard about A.
about her big sacrifice
once one of the few lines
that made me stay alive
can you believe
in christ
the follower

Big Black - Passing Complexion

Micromanagement. That or...

The Costello situation.

Wire en el 2004

It's a heaven - sent extinction event. Comet / I don't understand. Del DVD "The Scottish Play".

A" twilight of the gods" situation

And I hate you for that. You should put out a newsletter, you should have a blog, you should have a blog, you should have a blog, you should have a blog.

domingo, diciembre 02, 2007

And no one else

Paralysed at home, waiting for the ghosts to return. A sudden encounter, the gnashing of teeth, chairs too small to be strapped on. I found the situation compelling, couldn't get out of bed the next day, bombs were defused, absolutely curtains, I wish you well with your credit form. I'm back, I'm back, and then we are stuck on the telephone.