lunes, junio 06, 2005

I was cleaning the house one bright morning

seagulls took my sister last summer
didn't find out about her then
only missed god and everyone there

and i heard:
between our letters the real road starts
inside the eyes a spark runs thru your life
the endless house we all will share
as long as seagulls keep coming back

and he will read a letter
forget all about us
and the fact
that it's hard to try
and fly
in our new beach


want to stop talking about this?
if they found my body
freaking out
all mind gone

all I needed was a sense
what happened to them?

they were almost like
they were... a blinking light
i had to stare

and I saw them coming
in a wave
And I could see them
on angry noise

they're living inside
smiles and... music
and they said.... come

come into my world


and she went up the clouds with a face for golden
years frozen in plastic
just a little plastic box
that will be your own new home


she! alone in the forest
is playing hide and seek
with her friends
they don't like her
when she is shiny
shiny new
with a shiny metal heart


your hand lost for space
the wheel of light turns inside far skin
jenny speaks in me
jenny- she speaks in my mind
with her eyes

at my favourite hour i call her voice
the noise in my TV
a door
a jar
a winter's day
endless sea my angry dreams
her cold dead hand
jenny smiles - understand
jenny smiles
jenny smiles - when you are gone at night

eyes apart we live for the crowd
certain barrier you'd like to know
at the end, sad eyes destroy the world
inside the memory
inside our name