miércoles, agosto 01, 2007

Una de Bob Dylan - Furious Simon's Nasty Humor

Tal como apareció en su alucinatorio libro, Tarantula:

Furious Simon's Nasty Humor

i had a dream
that the cook
& shook
his fist over the
balcony & said yes
to the people
yes to the people
& he said this
to the people
"i want four cups of stormtrooper -
a tablespoon of catholic - five hundre paranoids -
some water buffalo - a half pound of communist -
six cups of rebel - two cute atheists -
a quart bottle of rabbi - one teaspoon of
bitter liberal - some antibirth tablets -
three fourths black nationalist -
a dab of lemon cock powder -
some mogen david capitalists & a whole lot
of fat people with extra money"
then the cook's helper
& cleared his throat & then he
said to the people yes the
"also we'd like a mocking bird
& some maids a milking - some raped
college students & a drenched hen -
two turtle gloves
& a partridge & a gin & a pear tree"
i awoke from this dream
in the state of fright - then jumped out of bed &
ran for the kitchen - crashed thru the door &
slammed on the light/fell on my
bended knees &
thanked God
that there was nothing new in
the ice box

dear Puck,
traded in my electric guitar for
one you call a gut one...you can play
it all by yourself - don't need a band -
eliminates all the fighting except of
course for the other gut guitar
players - am doing well - have no idea of
what's happening but all these girls
with moustaches, they're going crazy
over me - you must try them sometime -
weather is good - threw away all my lefty
frizzell records - also got rid of my
parka - you can keep my cow as i now am
on the road to freedom

see yuh later aligator
Franky Duck