lunes, julio 23, 2007

Harry Potter es el Bob Dylan de la nueva generac... WTF?

"And this is exactly why I think Harry Potter is the same kind of early-warning agent as was the young Bob Dylan. This is what explains our children's spell-binding obsession with these books. Granted, the new Magus has not come in the form one might have expected. He is not a performer holding a guitar; he is a character in that ancient technology, the book. Nonetheless, Harry is the herald who offers a moral code in times of great upheaval that vibrates to this generation the way the early Dylan still echoes in the lives of boomers. He is the prophet and precursor of a new generation." Harry Potter is the Bob Dylan of his generation, by Joel Garreau at The Washing Post.


At agosto 01, 2007, Blogger YOU ARE A GHOST said...

Si, aja! y doña Paris Hilton es la nueva Teresa de Calcuta jajajajajaja


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