miércoles, abril 04, 2007

Otra reseña del LP, ahora en Dusted Magazine

Los Llamarada
The Exploding Now LP

"...Has an echoey feel to it like listening to an answering machine tape, and a self-taught vibe that chewed up the Fall at their most obscure, New Zealand experimentalism at its most obtuse, and a lo-fi art/pop cassette underground (or, say, Gang Gang Dance) feel that's all but dissipated in the wake of the '80s and '90s and moved straight on to structure-free realms. There is a backbone here, and its attendant skeleton has grown wild and unpruned. Resist the urge to make lazy comparisons of Los Llamarada to other bands; the stiffness in their songwriting and performance suggests that they are learning as they go along, which makes for some of the most exciting new sounds. I've listened to this one a dozen times and keep finding new things within. 600 copies, white vinyl, silkscreened sleeves. One of the most shocking and unique pieces of agitpunk since the Meta-Matics LP, but way more devastated and angered." Doug Mosurak, Dusted Magazine (New York)