sábado, marzo 24, 2007

Tras la tocada del SXSW, y la salida del vinil a la venta...

Muy contento con los comentarios de la tocada de los Llamarada en el South by Southwest. Una en este blog, World of Wumme:

"The best tip of the week though belongs to Mr. Roland Woodbe (go figure?) and his urging to see Los Llamarada, a barely legal group from Monterrey, Mexico that seemed to just discover rock and roll last week. Better yet, they didn't even discover rock or punk, or post-punk or post-rock, or simple noise for that matter, they recently invented it. Teenagers the world round, wash your hands, unite, and give up peacefully."

Otra en Siltblog, de Tom Lax.
"Next up was the best band I seen all weekend, Los Llamarada. They was 5 Mexican teens from Monterrey & they slithered out a loose, noisy set of crud that was somethin like 'Forming' era Germs meet's Brian Gregory era Cramps meets Earcom era Prats. There was about 10 of us in the room & we was all spellbound. They could've pushed us over w/a feather. Muchos Fantasticos. "
Teens cuasitreintones!

Y sobre el LP (The Exploding Now) hay reseñas y comentarios en The Z Gun, en el catálogo de Florida's Dying, el blog de la estación de radio KFJC, en el foro Terminal Boredom y un foro de Sonic Youth.

La referencia en el Austin Chronicle, antes de la tocada:
"Los Llamarada of Monterrey have been "making an awful racket" since 2001. Their DIY approach delivers a dingy sound that's curiously exciting to ears dulled by music overdone by high tech magic. Check out "The Discovery." It's as familiar as mother's milk – scalded and thrown into your fat face!" Belinda Acosta, The Austin Chronicle.


At marzo 27, 2007, Blogger YOU ARE A GHOST said...

el dulce sabor de la victoria diria yo...chido que los hayan comparado hasta con los Germs!!!!


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