lunes, febrero 26, 2007

the surface i prefer

Still the moon
I felt her presence
As a line
So I made my way across the room
We met on the side
The stop sign of brightness
Her eyes were made new
A safe cover instead

You'll have to ask space
I didn't have the right picture to show
Felt it was a big mistake
Anyway arms across the other shoulder

It was a big mistake
I don't have the words
Or the strength you kept
Faith can be a burden
Intent on leaving madness

The surface I prefer
I say hello
I say thanks
I cannot go to that place
Only the surface I can threat
I prefer to be disgusted
I prefer to stop thinking all the way

Only the surface I prefer
Faith can be a burden
Have to walk away

Dear girl moon girl
Moonbeams on her face
Saw her on the stage
Had to say goodbye
Had to walk away
Had to tear the heart
I'll forget your eyes - someday.