martes, octubre 16, 2007

Reseñas del nuevo single

"Los Llamarada
“The Very Next Moment” b/w “I'm Sorry” 7”

Los Llamarada's LP from earlier this year, The Exploding Now, didn't really prepare me for the heat they'd bring to this new single. These are studio recordings that unmask their murk, revealing a downright surly ownership of the blues. “The Very Next Moment” dribbles poison ink over a dominant, plundering, beaten-mean countenance, speeding up just enough at the end to recall Catholic Discipline with a more contained vocal presence, or the Fall or Country Teasers at their most misanthropic. Bad politics, baby. The loose banging out of Peggy Lee's “I'm Sorry” caps this perfect - yes, perfect - single off with a breathless female vocal rant, purposed above a ramshackle, gleefully scattered two-chord tumble. Part of the “new sound” you've been hearing. This world is a great place for a few minutes. Edition of 600 - up there with this year's best.
(" Dusted Magazine

"Los Llamarada - The Very Next Moment 7"
Back in the day when I had guests, I played the The Exploding Now, then take a walk around the block. Let them get acquainted. More often than not, I'd return to patches of blood, the needle riding the label like a worn out mechanical bull. Jesus, what a record. Licks the gel out of your hair and spits a rat poison tapenade in your pasty visage. How does Scott Soriano still have 25 copies left? What are y'all up to? Nice sleeve, good slice of ivory can't feel empeethrees, even with your fancy Audio Research studio-cooled speakers. You can't invite the heathens over on IM! Let'em in the front door! Write the check! You smart-marks can cash it, trust.
Or, in the meantime, you can pick up this, their latest missive. The title cut sticks their rumbly Ut and Mars thang between thick gooey slices of A-Frames stomploaf. Lovely synth peppering, too. Someone tell the dudes at Mutant Sounds! Cheveu fans oughta open their hearts for this one. Although, I should add, they've either moved up to a studio or someone hooked them up with the dopest boombox this side of a JVC in 85 because this don't sound like their usual Pixelvision fidelity. Don't mind it a bit, though. That lil number's keeps me warm just thinking of the Monterrey sun warming their leaky basement. Nothing like Robocoppin' in a droptop on a humid night. But that's another yarn.
And the B-side Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" always seemed like the kind of shit someone shouts up to a 4th-story window in the wee-smalls with one hand on their sweaty heart and one on some E-dub--but never was before. Evil truckstop karaoke at it's finest. So annoying you'll never forgive again.
Live-r than most." Fuck You, Counselor Blog

Los Llamarada's follow up to their delectable debut lp (The Exploding Now') is a solid 2 banger out now on the S-S label. The a-side ('The Very Next Moment') is a fried chizzler that conjures up every Punk deviant from the Germs to Brainbombs while the flip is a cover of the Brenda Lee classic 'I'm Sorry' & in their futurisic attempt to convey a somnombulistic redo, they have effectively butchered it into the summer-bummer, goodbye hit for the twilight's last gleamin of 2007." Siltblog!