jueves, octubre 11, 2007

Lucy will (After M)

lucy i made you a drawing
i made you the sky
let me crawl into yr bedroom
this is gonna be alright

lucy will wake
lucy will forget all about me
lucy will speak
lucy won't think
what's good for me
i'm waiting for the moment

i'm waiting for that moment
i have all the answers
waiting in my hand
i will rescue
i will rescue
i will stop yr fall
we will get a set of wings

lucy, you will kill
lucy, you will forget about me
1 1 1 1 1
are you sorry are you sorry
are you enjoying yr new face

an empty roof
a deadly fall
a dress not transparent

i will keep watch
there's no need to speak
i can repeat each word you say
i can remember each bite
i'm still waiting
i'm still wanting
i can make it good again

lucy, can you wake?
lucy, can you feel?
lucy, can you forget about me?

lucy will kill
lucy won't think
lucy won't say
lucy won't speak
lucy will

wanna hear you now
wanna hear you now
wanna hear you now