lunes, septiembre 03, 2007

Otra reseña del LP de Llamarada

"Imagine if The Coachmen hadda been fronted by Kim Gordon instead of JD King and that their locomotive post-Modern Lovers/Velvets rock squall hadda been as de-formed and detonating as Sunstabbed-era Dead C w/ almost hysterical female and male vocals riding Robbie Yeats-style drums, fuzz guitar and organ in a classic basement formation and buried beneath a ton of tape fug. Then spin this crude looking slab of wax on S-S Records in a blindfold test and you'd swear you were listening to a real-time feedback loop wired directly into the most fevered environs of your own fanzine-riddled brain. This four piece from Mexico take you right *there* with sputtering No Wave crunch, early Swans/Sonic Youth atmospherics, classic avant garage licks and a level of personal possession that is extremely gratifying. Edition of 600, screened sleeves, last copies."

En Volcanic Tongue.