lunes, agosto 13, 2007

Iggy Pop habla de... la escena independiente

"I'm in the biz, dude. It's a branch of show business, that's what always annoyed me most about the American alternative/do-it yourself scene when I came up. It was simple. If you were the artist you were supposed to be cool, and the agent was supposed to be a crook, and the manager was supposed to be a creep, and everyone administrating was un-cool and the publicist was cheesy. You know, we all have our roles. But then the DIY guy says I am the guitar player, I'm the publicist, I'm the agent, and I'm the lawyer, too. So I look at the guy, and I'm like, okay, you've convinced me. You're a greedy, cheesy crooked creep with a guitar. Fuck you. I want nothing to do with you. That's kind of how I feel. And you're a politician, too. Or a computer turd. Why don't you just drop it and work for Microsoft or invent a new surf engine." Iggy Pop, en Pitchforkmedia.