viernes, abril 27, 2007

En un artículo de Mexadelic

" Los Llamarada have taken the LO-FI sound that Monterrey bands seem to specialise in to the absolute extreme with their first release “The Exploding Now” on white vinyl from Ss Records in California. The combination of recording in live sessions on tape which is transferred to vinyl has achieved a sound quality that completely compliments their musical style, self described as a “super sonic din”.

In the days when technology seems to be closing in on perfect “noiseless” sound, the double distortion of Los llamarada is as stimulating as a rub-down with sonic sandpaper. This creates intense, even at first uncomfortable experience, but is ultimately invigorating for mind, body, soul and ears.

CDs are dead you say? What the hell lets bring back vinyl… and disco while we are at it!!".